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Port of Mars

rehearse the future

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Some of the hardest problems for humans space exploration aren’t technological. They’re social. 

How can we best sustain healthy human communities in space?
Port of Mars is a game designed to find solutions.It is a social science experiment to identify effective strategies for navigating dilemmas of shared resources, common good, and collective action under conditions of high uncertainty and high risk. 
Like space, for instance.
Players are citizens of Mars charged with working together to provide for the sustained welfare of the community. 
All player actions are tracked and analyzed. Researchers will examine what behaviors worked, and what failed. Each instance of gameplay is a simulation, a modeling exercise for future of humans in space.


Port of Mars is a project of the Interplanetary Initiative.

Project lead
Lance Gharavi 

Project team
Marty Anderies
Tanya Harrison
Marco Janssen
Liz Leo
Titus Lunter
Brian Nelson
Michael Yichao
Patrick Young