Immerge is a carnivalesque performance that situates creativity and imagination as a source of vitality, and envisions collective and connected action as a means of overcoming adversity.  Visitors interact with digital installations, virtual life forms, architectural projections, giant spiders, and other fantastical creatures, all within a sonic environment generated by live musicians. Immerge engages spectators in creating a new myth of renewal for the digital age.

Lead Artist:  Lance Gharavi
Production Design: Anastasia Schneider, Brunella Provvidente, Adam Vachon
Media Design:  Jake Pinholster & David Tinapple
Lighting Design:  Anthony Januzzi
Sound Design & Composition:  Garth Paine
Stage Manager:  Courtney Jackson
Performers:  Brian Foley, Amanda Nguyen, Brunella Provvidente, Anastasia Schneider, Adam Vachon, Megan Weaver